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  1. Hi Ron, Thanks for all your help, Malwarebytes appears to work now. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it last night as I had a software crash and was unable to restore to an earlier restore point until I removed Malwarebytes. Can I make a suggestion therefore that in a future update there is a provision to disconnect all that Malwarebytes is doing so it does not prevent a restore being executed? I still have problems on my computer (W10) which are proving difficult to resolve so once I get home next week I will be clearing my hard drive and either renewing the W10 installation or putting W7 on instead, probably the latter. Once that is done I will re-install Malwarebytes and buy a licence. Regards & thanks again Mike
  2. Good morning Ron, I have done as requested and the resultant logs are attached. Mike Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hi Ron, I have run the tool and Malwarebytes appears to be working OK but I am still not getting Windows Defender to switch on. It shows under Antivirus in the Settings/Security Providers page but it will not switch on. Widows Update appears to be working but it will not install the Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Anti-Virus, KB2267602 update. Regards Mike
  4. Hi Ron, I have completed the fix. The fix log is attached. Mike Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi Ron, I cannot download the file 'fixlist.txt', it quickly becomes unavailable after I refresh the page. Mike
  6. If ever another reason was needed to get rid of W10 , this is it. It is surely time to change. It is a bad show when MS starts to make expensive software unsafe to use on its operating systems. In what way is Acrobat7 unsafe? Mike
  7. Hi Ron, What programmes will be removed? I do not know of any programmes that are so old and not needed. Regards Mike
  8. Hi Ron scan completed, files attached. Thanks Mike Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hi Ron, I'm afraid not. The registry key that I was looking at removing is still there and cannot be removed by me even though I am the administrator and I have taken ownership. I don't know for sure but I suspect this key is stopping me from switching Windows Defender AV on which means I have no anti-virus protection. Mike
  10. Sadly, this new laptop is W10. My desktop at home is W7Pro and any new laptops that I might buy (this one is the worst computer/laptop I have ever bought) will have LINUX.
  11. Hello Sman, I have been downloading this Symantec document for the past 45 minutes or so and still it is downloading. Is it a particularly large file or should I restart the download and try again? Mike
  12. Thank you all! I am however,...quite angry because I downloaded Reimage because it was recommended on a Microsoft windows website (forum) as a possible answer to some problems that I have been experiencing, and indeed still have, on my computer. I am not an expert and with the vast number of problems that I have been getting with this new laptop I need help which, unfortunately, is not always forthcoming from the large companies like, in this instance, Microsoft and Dell. This is NOT a criticism of some the respondents per se but, in Microsoft's case particularly, the quality of advise from 'experts' is very poor. I think I have learnt enough now to probably uninstall Reimage and get Windows Defender back online and then perhaps re-install Malwarebytes if it will indeed work with WD as opposed to against it. Regards Mike
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