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  1. Please check this one. I must say it was obtained from an unofficial source, but I still feel that it's a false-positive. msimg32.zip msimg32.txt
  2. COOLak


    The file logdiff-bin.exe suddenly being detected as malware. I believe it's part of LogDiff tool from SourceForge that lets you compare ProcMon logs. logdiff.txt logdiff-bin.zip
  3. False-positives are common on all anti-virus products, especially some cheap ones that detected it according to Virus Total.
  4. Since the new update of Download Master (which is my favorite download manager) came out, it keeps detecting as malware via AI. dmaster.zip dmaster.txt
  5. Now this is something. My Steam Half-Life installer got detected as malware along with some icon. Both files are attached in the archive along with the log file. Half-Life.zip 29A816.txt
  6. I just got this detection during my regular scheduled scan. This appears to be the uninstaller for the Microsoft Office's UBit Menu, as well as the corresponding registry key. unins000.zip ubit.txt
  7. COOLak


    Sorry, here's the report log tunatic-report.txt
  8. COOLak


    An old program for music identification: http://www.wildbits.com/tunatic/ Suddenly detected as RiskWare.Agent for no obvious reason. tunatic.zip
  9. I understand, thank you. But I made this request for analytical purposes only. It's always good to exclude false positives, to improve overall detection accuracy.
  10. It's not a stand-alone executable. It's a package that the installer drops into Windows Temp folder, and it only works as part of that installer. I just uploaded the complete installer, hope it helps. 925310744_iZotopeNectarPlusv3.3.0CE.rar
  11. I'm not promoting piracy here, but I definitely don't support falsely marking something as a trojan just to scare people away from using pirated software. I'm not sure if that's exactly what Microsoft is doing here, but I'm also wondering if Malwarebytes actually did analyze the file... Let's discuss things without involving personal opinions on piracy or anything else.
  12. Sorry for the trouble, but there's some additional news about this concern. I also submitted this file to Microsoft for analysis (because their antivirus also detected it as Trojan:Win32/Masson.A!rfn), and upon analysis they confirmed that it was a valid detection. A screenshot of our communication is attached. I hope you guys didn't just take my word for it and actually analyzed the file before removing it from your threat definitions? Even though I tested its behavior in a sandbox, I'm not a malware expert, and I have no idea what hidden surprises it might have. This is a part of a cracked software installer, that's why I want to make sure it's really safe.
  13. Thank you, that helped. Case closed.
  14. Just to clarify, it also occurs as part of real-time detection. An additional log file is attached. But the regular manual scan detection is also still in place anyway. mlwb-rt.txt
  15. It hasn't beed fixed as of now. Tried re-launching Malwarebytes, still the same detectiono occuring.
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