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  1. Suchita, We have verified all systems are up to and restarted all MS Office apps and it appears to be working properly now. I would appear that the update to 117 was the issue. 125 corrects the issue. Thank you, Chris R
  2. Suchita, Another item I am noticing in the logs is that the clients seem to have updated to then it shows errors with MS Office apps. In the same time frame the client updated to There are quit a few threads on errors with in the forum. Additionally, we have closed all office apps and re-opened and it the error appears to have stopped. Thanks, Chris R
  3. Suchita, Thanks for the quick response. I have attached the compressed log files from one of the machines. The users are opening an Excel file that they have been working on for some time and it is giving them the MBAE Block notification. All users are Windows 10 Pro 1803, Office 2016 Standard OVL. mbae-protector.zip
  4. I am getting reports from several users that MBAE is blocking there Excel files from opening after the MBAE update last night. Any one else seeing this? Any way to verify it is a real issue or false positive? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris R
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