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  1. Even though I paid $40.00 for 4.0 PREMIUM, I have to give up, I shut it down and computer works fine. I do not have time to deal with this, I have another life and career. It does not work period....
  2. The support tool will not work I attempted it many times yesterday and today. It will not work! It gets stuck for an hour and then stops responding. It never finishes scanning for issues and never moves on to saving settings...will not do the repair and it will not upload logs. I think I have no choice but to uninstall Malwarebytes 4.0 PREMIUM and give up on this company obviously will never work with Windows 10 again!
  3. HELP!!! I finally got Malwarebyte 4.0 installed in Windows 10. My computer worked fine with Malwarebytes 3.0 and Windows Defender. Now I basically can not use the computer at all, it takes 5 minutes to open up my homepage 5 more minutes to open up email 5 more minutes to open up an email to read...10 minutes to open up another browser. What is set wrong that is making this so SLOW? I feel like I have to get rid of Malwarebytes? I am paying for Malwarebytes 4.0 PREMIUM and it is a NIGHTMARE! HELP!!
  4. My Malwarebytes 4.0 has made my Windows 10 computer TOO SLOW TO USE! I was using Malwarebytes 3.0 with Windows Defender and it was great fast...now my Malwarebytes 4.0 which is supposed to be compatible with Windows Defender is TOO SLOW TO USE COMPUTER! HELP!
  5. I can not install the Malwarebytes 4.0 upgrade on my Windows 10 pc. I was running 3.0 PAID SUBSCRIPTION. Now no Malwarebytes is running. My computer just reboots.....HELP!
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