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  1. I tried what @velvet did and changed my DNS to google's and the problem is gone now.
  2. Thanks for saying that, I tried what you did and changed my DNS to google and the problem is gone now.
  3. I have tried what was said in the topic and the problem still occurs. It says in the topic I can add the detected file/threat to Malwarebytes exclusion list, so it would not get detected anymore but I am not sure if it is harmful to my laptop because it is detected as a trojan. Any recommendations?
  4. I am currently following the steps in the topic and I will let you know what happens. Fixlog.txt
  5. Also with each event everything remains the same except the Port number. It is different on every event.
  6. Hi, my laptop ran into a problem earlier today where it turned off by itself and was not turning back on for a couple of minutes. When I finally turned it back on I clicked the start menu and pressed the power button and it displayed that "there are no power options available". I also noticed that I could not access task manager and a error would pop up saying "task manager has been disabled by your administrator". I watched some youtube videos and fixed the power options problem but I had to download malwarebytes to fix the task manager problem. I ran a scan and it quarantined PUM.Optional.DisableTaskMgr. Now my problem is that when I visit most sites I keep getting a notification that a website was blocked due to trojan. The event is RTP Detection, event details is Trojan, action is blocked website, and location is (See attached images). This occurred over 15 times in the past hour and I do not know how to solve it. I wrote the first paragraph because I am not sure if it had any relation or impact to the problem I am having now.
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