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  1. SUCCESS!!! :))) ......well at least as far as I can tell lol. AceStream/Script no longer shows up in Chrome Extensions or "Installed Plug-Ins" listed on IOBit Uninstaller. I don't want to declare victory until I can confirm it though. I also don't want to take your time away from other people that need it. Is there a scan I can complete for your review that would allow you to 100% confirm every piece of it has been removed from my system? Either way, THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! I really appreciate it. So far as I can tell the problem is solved, cheers!
  2. Hello I've followed all instructions as requested and included the FIXLOG.txt file. FYI the "run" on the tool went very quickly (2-3 mins) and did not require a restart upon completion. It created the FIXLOG.txt file and opened it for viewing after. AceScript still shows up as an installed plug-in when I check with IOBit Uninstaller but AceScript/Stream does not show up in Chrome extensions. This has happened before when I thought I removed it but in that instance, when I removed through IOBit (the only program on my PC that could see it's installed) it re-installed i
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, your replies got lost in my inbox. I ran the scan as requested and it found nothing on the 1st scan so there was nothing to be quarantined. Repeated the same scan for good measure as requested with the same results. What's next? Also I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for taking the time to answer these posts and help me with this technical problem. Without your expertise I would be absolutely lost and at the mercy of this deceitful browser plug-in. Hats off to you my friend!
  4. I tried to enable Beta Mode in MalwareBytes but that option is only available for paid subscribers, I am using the free version. Also, no I won't buy the program to further this discussion. Any solutions should work with free version. I've followed your other instructions and included the Adwcleaner log file as requested. Adwcleaner Clean Report.txt
  5. Here is the scan as requested. Nothing showed up on the first scan so there was nothing to quarantine and no need to run the scan a 2nd time. MalwareBytes Scan - Jan 12 - 2020.txt
  6. I have the same problem as another user on this forum but they never finished replying to the thread, and the moderator closed it. He stopped replying as the fix was almost complete for everyone to see but the link to the txt file the moderator said needed to be used to fix the problem is no longer working. This is the original thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/234870-chrome-extension-coming-back-after-fresh-install-of-chrome/ Since we most likely have different setups and in order to save some time I'd be willing to try the fix the moderator suggested for tha
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