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  1. I deactivated my license and reactivated it, and I took care of the problem
  2. So, this evening I went to my laptop and I noticed that my Malwarebytes desktop shortcut was gone. I tried to start tha program from the "show hidden icons" arrow but although it showed up there, it would not start. I restarted the computer and all traces of Malwarebytes were gone. There was nothing to remove in the Programs and Features area of the control manel, but there were some folders left on the "C" drive, but no .exe files So I re installed the previous version 3.8, and when I went to activate the license, it said that I had used all of my permissions, see below
  3. I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the old version and set it to not update to the latest version. Everyting loaded fine and I ran a manual threat scan and it ran and finished in 17 minutes. All is well except that I am running the older version (that was always very good and protective) It feels very good to be protected and I am not getting any "Page unresponsive" errors and things are running smoothly. Thanks
  4. Tried to run a scan (Manual Threat Scan). I started last night and just let it run. THis morning it was still checking for updates and the cancel and pause buttons were greyed out.
  5. I went to windows security center and disabled the virus and threat protection, but left the firewall alone. is that OK?
  6. I restored all defaults on Malewarebytes 4.0.4. and then enabled beta testing. The window said downloading update for a few minutes and then switched to installing updates which it has been doing for 45 minutes
  7. Should I uninstal version 4 before I reinstall version 3??
  8. Thank you for your patience AdvancedSetup. I am not sure how to add those exclusions. Would this be something to do within the Malwarebytes program, or must I go to a specific folder and add them? Thanks again for your patience.
  9. I redownloaded the Procdump file and redid the instructions exactly. When I ran "5 - mbamservice_memory it showed two black windows that dissapeared and then there was no file in the procdump folder with the .dmp extension. I checked the .zip folder to be sure it wasn't there and also did a computer search for *.dmp. It found 31 .dmp files, but none from within the last month.
  10. I have opened Malwarebytes and made the changes to the settings as directed (Enabled collect log data and disabled self protection mode) I downloaded Procdump.zip, extracted it, right clicked as admin and made the changes to unblock. I ran "5 - mbamservice_memory as admin and waited for the .cmd window to resolve. I then went to the procdump folder and ther is no .dmp file to be found. I did a seach of the computer withfile explorer and found 31 .dmp files, but none were from today, they were all weeks old. Meanwhile Malewarebytes manual threat scan has been checking for updates for 33 minutes.
  11. Right now malwarebytes is still trying to run the threat scan from last night (2:07am) I cannot stop it because the buttons (cancel and pause) are greyed out. My only recourse is to quit Malwarebytes to stop it. This what happenseverytimeI run a threat scan. Only once didit let run a quickscan after uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes. That scan finished, but a normal threat scan wentthrough allof the steps (Check for updates, Scan Memory, Scan Start up items, Scan registry) but when it got to scanning file systen, it just sat there with the little blue circle spinning around for hours and hours. During that scan, the Pause and Cancel buttonswere not greyed out, so after five hours, I canceledthe scan. Malewarebytes then acted as if the scan finished normally but the computer was still slow and I got page unresponsive pop ups. The next scheduled scan spent several hours checking for updates. That is when I quit malewarebytes to free up my computer.After I quit Malewarebytes, my system runs as before (much quicker and no page unresponsive errors) but I do not think I have threat protection at that point. If I restart my computer, Malwarebytes resets and will start another threat scan which starts the processall over again. I may set Malewarebytes to scan once a week.
  12. I used the support tool to uninstall Malwarebytes. I had to let it run overnight, that's how long it took. The tool reinstalled Malwarebytes as it was supposed to. I am glad you told me to be patient with it. This morning I ran a quick scan and everything worked as it should. Scan took 3 or 4 minutes and completed. I decided to run a full scan and it scanned 240,000+ files and then hung up at the end on "Scanning file system". Interestingly the "Pause" and "Cancel" buttons are not greyed out. I have left the scan run because of this.
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