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  1. Good morning, the symptoms of my PC are different: new and unknown volumes have been created, the screen on the admin account is intermittent, in the admin account it is impossible to click on anything unless you start it from the task manager, the folders on desktop have disappeared or are unnamed. So the state of the art is that I haven't been able to remove malware or anything like that from my Windows 10 PC, I'm writing from a MacBook and this is the only computer I have to fix this. I wish the USB keys I will use to fix the problem do not matter on my macbook. So, I tried all the ways to reinstall Windows while preserving my files but I didn't succeed: I tried to restart with the advanced reboot from the settings, I tried to enter the safe mode from cmd but nothing, in the bios also it doesn't let me log in anymore since the screen being listened to make this choice lasts a microsecond and then immediately loads windows. I'd rather be able to complete a complete cleanup of malicious software without connecting to the internet even in safe mode. I attach the files that i take in the guest account fixlogFixlog.txt, additionAddition.txt and frstFRST.txt. Thanks
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