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  1. 19 minutes ago, ntula said:

    I had the same problem and tried everything. it got so bad with attacks happening every few minutes and interfering with the phone use, which is illegal, not just annoying. antivirus and malware apps found nothing. then I started just deleting apps.. and even that did not work. until I tried the appwatch app and then by an error it showed me the culprit. it is Peel remote, the IR remote control app that comes from Samsung that you cannot delete without rooting, you can only disable. what happened was that appwatch showed me that the browser chrome was the culprit, but when I clicked on the info in the activity log output, it took me to the peel remote app settings. when I tried that again, it took me to chrome, so it is trying to hide it's activity. what I had to do was boot into safe mode, force quit, delete data and then disable the app. the reason no virus or malware apps can find it is that it is a legitimate app that was programmed with a back door to this. the irony is that this started to occur right when Samsung announced the new phones and it is a Samsung app and I had done an app update.

    in the process of searching for the culprit, I even was able to find the exact name of the persons, and their physical addresses, of the persons who wrote the web pages, which contain quite of bit of "push" and data collecting code in a java script. in addition to this, the annoying pages were on topics that I had searched for, so it is clearly invading your privacy. some of the links on the pages go back to a product search on amazon for the search topics, for example I had searched for a car part and then a car info ad site appeared with a single link in the main body that took me to a  general car part search on amazon. in addition to this, facebook, which I rarely use was being logged into. now peel remote was removed from the play store but Samsung still is updating it. I strongly suggest you contact the FCC and file a complaint against the "domains by proxy", owned by go daddy, that profits from these fly by night domains, peel, Samsung, amazon, and the web page authors.


    things to do, delete facebook spyware app, prevent apps from other sources, do not use apps that contain ads that are not verified and if you can, just buy them.

    I have a mi 9. I was able to delete peel app. What I should do now? 


    Early today I deleted chrome data and installed a Ad block. Then I few hours later it opened a menu to choose wich app I wanted to open some link. In this situation how can I confirm the software is trying to open the link? 

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