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  1. Seems to be wporking here - thanks for this!! Also thanks for not just saying "well, Kaspersky needs to fix this..."
  2. Ahh OK - I knew it's not beta, but just assumed the "non beta" update had the fix, since it has the same number for the first part and higher for the second. I'll avoid beta versions for now as I have enough to worry about. ;)
  3. I just updated and I'm on ver - 1.0.20694 and firefox still won't load. Thunderbird seems OK though...
  4. Hmm - it works OK here. Try disabling Ransomeware protection and Exploit protection - that works fine here with MB 4 and KTS 2020.
  5. Still doesn't work with this combo. Fine with Ransomware protection off.
  6. I can't see how to edit a post - so will add this. I wish I had seen this thread earlier - my problem started on Oct 31 too, and is exaclty like what you guys are seeing.
  7. Windows 10 here. I've had the same problem with Kaspersky Total Security 2020 and Malwarebytes 3 and now 4. I've tried the suggestions here - but I still have to disable realtime Ransomware Protection and Exploit Protection. I can live with this, as I've had a complete PIA week - I couldn't load Firefox, Thunderbird or iTunes or the setup screen for the icloud client. Also some problems updating Freefile sync. Everything is fine without Kaspersky or without Malwarebytes, or with both running and just those two settings disabled in Malwarebytes. I've had enough tinkering rebooting, hanging, hourglasses etc - I'll live like this (and will keep an eye on this thread)
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