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  1. Many thanks, Shadowwar. The bulkimageconvertor item is no longer detected at all. It works perfectly as before. John C
  2. Hi again. I have posted it to the link you suggested with a zip file of the exe program. Thanks
  3. This little Bulkimage converter.exe program was flagged up as Ransomeware by Malwarebytes v 3.8.3 - had to restart to delete it. However it had worked for months before without issue. BulkImageConverter.zip
  4. Hi exile360 and many thanks for your reply - much appreciated. Prior to receiving your comment, I did in fact restart my Windows 10 PC and tried a simple delete on the .exe file and it worked. It now sits in my Delete Folder presently. It did not ask for Administrator permissions either. The little program, which has worked perfectly for a month or so, is called Bulkimageconverter.exe (71kb). I suspect it could well be a false positive, so I will do as you suggest and attach a 'zip' copy once I figure out how to manage that. I have Malwarebytes v 3.8.3
  5. Been running a image conversion program successfully for some time. However this time Malwarbytes stopped it working as it reported it had blocked it as ransomeware. However I am unable to delete the program (it is purely an .exe application - not installed) but when I try to delete it, it asks for Administrator. I have confirmed my Administrator owner rights on my PC. and tried to apply it to this file, but it just repeats it need administrator permission so I can delete this program. How do I get rid of it?
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