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  1. First off, Thank you. Your product has saved me from having to clean install my OS and so I love you, but not in a creepy way. I truly wish I could replay you by buying the full version, but it comes down to a matter of money not whether or not I want to buy it. Truth be told I would be 100% willing to buy your full version right now if all it even if it added no functionality, just because I feel so much good will towards Malwarebytes. So I will make sure to buy Malwarebyes when I have some extra spending money, but for now a Thank You! is all I can offer. Here is my story. I rely on free products like Avira , ASquared, Spybot etc. to protect my computer, not out of some belief that developers should not get paid, but rather simply I can't afford to buy extras. So to all of the developers who release free software weather its games, office products, web browsers, security software, or just some small utility out of the goodness of your heart or for whatever reason, thank you, every last one of you, without you my computer would not be very fun to use. However, Malwarebyes holds a special place in my heart now. You see I keep my computer in good shape, I do regular defrags, keep the registry trimmed and compact, clean up the junk files, limit the number of random applications etc. However, all of the sudden, my computer began not to run so fast. In fact it began to crash and was generally unstable. Knowing that I was doing all I could to keep windows stable and fast I suspected one of two things, either there was malware on my computer or my trusty old hardware was failing on me. I scanned my system with Avira, said it was clean. Asquared, found nothing but a few tracking cookies, that would never do anything like this so it basically found nothing, Spybot found some other random tracking cookies but again, that
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