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  1. I have worked with the program FRST as instructed and Mozilla resseted, but unfortunately no result. What was new was that the virus first tried to load the install.exe. Then the same procedure as always. The fixlog attached. I could not do the rest of your instructions because I did not understand Mozilla's instructions. Maybe my English is too bad, maybe it refers to pages that no longer exist. Dachs Fixlog_11-11-2019 22.57.15.txt
  2. Thank you! The Files are attached Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. My system is Windows 10 Pro in German. I am having a problem with an apparently old virus sticking to install.exe. I can not call a bunch of programs, like B. as Malwarebytes. Instead, the request comes from whether I want to allow an app from an unknown manufacturer, namely "1958925.msi" or a window: "Windows Installer installation is being prepared" and then a bluescreen with the announcement, then "1958925.msi" will be installed. If I refuse, the window "Windows Installer installation is being prepared" still appears. If I reject it again, the window becomes inactive, but remains in place. After a while, the message "Server not found" appears. Incidentally, the problem also occurs when restarting Windows. After all, I can call most programs as an administrator, including Malewarebytes, which, however, only after a few minutes of reflection. Unfortunately my virus killer programs (Malewarebytes and IObit Malware Fighter) do not find the virus. Obviously, the install process has continued, but luckily the virus server no longer exists. Can you help me to solve the problem?
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