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    FP on SPFLite2

    hi I eventually found ProgramData - it is a hidden folder - deleted HubbleCache and started up Malwarebytes. The scan ran through with no detections. Thank you. I will report this back to the SPFlite2 author.
  2. NicC

    FP on SPFLite2

    Here is the link requested https://virustotalcloud.appspot.com/nui/index.html#/file/312dcd80cee19ff14d902e88bb9255dc82e1f839abb07ccacc975cb20cd0022c/detection
  3. I am getting an FP on spflite2.exe. The developer (support@spflte.com) has the same result. I cannot zip the .exe file as 7zip thinks that it is an archive already. I have the MBAM log. mbam.7z
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