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  1. The main page - https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login If I go now to the page I am able to sign in with no issues but when I needed to set a new password I couldn't do anything from that page. As stated - if I try to sign in it, tell me that such account does not exist and if I try to sign up, it tells me that the user is already registered. I've tried multiple times and it was the same result, until I found an alternative way - by using a different link from the e-mail itself.
  2. P.S. I managed by clicking the "Set up your account" in the e-mail received when purchasing the license. Then I was brought to a "simplified" form where I just needed to type the new password and confirm it below. But you (or the ones in charge of that) might want to check the above form because the error was strange and might be worth looking into it.
  3. There is something weird with that form. When I try to sign up with the e-mail address (used when purchased the license), it says: "User is already registered" But when I try to sign in and type the same e-mail address, it says: "Sorry you do not have an account in this system. If you believe you have an account and are unable to login, please contact Malwarebytes Support" I will keep trying but these errors don't make much sense.
  4. Well, since you're asking I have a question regarding the near future... If I reinstall the whole Windows system (plan to upgrade to a bigger SSD in the next few months), will I be able to use the same license? Is there some kind of procedure regarding deactivating the license for the system that doesn't exist anymore and activating it on a new one? I believe when I replace the main drive (where Windows is located) it will change the physical MAC address and other parameters tied to the license. It would be good to know in advance the steps necessary to exchange the lic
  5. Morning. That was a very quick and effective solution. Funny thing is that I've checked the hosts file already but since I have many entries I didn't check each one but used the 'find' option instead but couldn't find anything with the terms I typed. The bottom lines were removed and now everything is ok. Thanks a lot, cheers!
  6. Well, I've seen many threads but all of them are closed so I have to open a new one in order to get help. I had some old version of Malwarebytes on my PC that I don't even know the source. I'm saying that because it might be that it was installed by my brother from unknown sources that might have affected my system, firewall or something else. I guess that might be important information. Today I downloaded the latest version and bought a 4-year license. As soon as I installed the program I got a pop-up that MBAM was unable to connect the service. Then I tried adding a license an
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