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  1. When I click your Fixlist.txt, this is what it reads: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1 Regards.
  2. The Films & TV full file path is (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.ZuneVideo_10.19072.18011.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Video.UI.exe) And the Skype full file path is (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.SkypeApp_14.53.85.0_x64__kzf8qxf38zg5c\SkypeApp.exe) I reproduced the UI crash by adding Films & TV to Play Mode, and uploaded the procdump.zip as requested. I also downloaded FRST64, but the Fixlist.txt you've posted says unavailable!? Regards. procdump.zip
  3. I use Films & TV for viewng films/photos all the time, It's included with Windows 10, so therefore this is a problem for me if I cannot add this application to stop Malwarebytes notifications whils in full screen mode watching a film etc!? Regards.
  4. Hi LiquidTension, Yes you are correct, in the fact that I "have" to change the owner of the WindowsApps folder to myself, in order to have access to add "Films & TV & Skype" apps to Play mode, and yes you are correct in the fact that the folder is inaccessible otherwise! As soon as I add either app (Films & TV or Skype), Malwarebytes just vcrashes out to the Taskbar Tray, and when I open it, I go to settings and click the "Check for u[pdates" button! If nothing happens then I know that I cannot click that button anymore to manually check for updates, and also I know that when I set a Scheduled Scan, it will not happen!? I have to delete the added app & then quit Malwarebytes and reopen Malwarebytes for ti to operate as it should again! So basically, the first thing that happens when I add "Films & TV or Skype" to Play Mode is Malwarebytes crashes out!! I've tried this with the "Kodi" app also (also within the WindowsApps folder!) which is a streaming app, and that doesn't crash Malwarebytes, so I'm not really sure what's going on here!? The link to the CrasDumps file is here: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/832158/CrashDumps.zip And I've included a Malwarebytes Support Tool mbst-grab-results.zip as requested! Regards. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. I just thought I'd add, that I also added the app "Kodi" (films and tv streaming app!), which is also located (installed) in the hidden WindowsApps folder within Program Files, and that never resulted in Malwarebytes crashing & not working the way it should? So how is that? Skype never came with Windows, and that crashes when added?? Regards.
  6. Sorry, I wanted to edit some grammar & ended up quoting instead!? (no option for editing after posting?) I don't understand how simply adding a Windows App to notifications play mode, would stop Malwarebytes from performing scheduled scans, and manually checking for program updates??
  7. Right, sorry for the delay, I've been away for the weekend! So I've just completed a repair using the Support Too and no change whatsoever! So then I performe a complete Uninstall/Re-Install, and hey presto everything starts working as it should 👍😉(ie: Scan Schedules, manual checking for updates!). So I start going through the settings to set up as I had before, I get to the "Notifications Menu/Play Mode (Hide notifications when selected apps are in full screen)", and add Windows Media Player as I had done before, no problem! I then proceed to add "Films & TV" (Windows App for viewing Videos, Photos etc!) like I had done previously also, BAM!! As soon as I add Films & TV exe (located in hidden WindowsApps folder!) Malwarebytes crashes/disappears!? I get it back up & running, delete the added Films & TV from the Notifications Menu/Play Mode menu, restart Malwarebytes, and everything is working fine again!? I've also tried this with my "Skype" app, which is also a hidden file/exe in the WindowsApps folder! Conclusion: Obviously when I add an App which is a Windows App, from the Hidden "WindowsApps" folder situated in my "Program Files", Malwarebytes crashes & shows the symptons Ive explained from the outset!! Any workaround for this problem?? This behaviour never happened in the previous build/version (v3) of Malwarebytes Premium!? Regards.
  8. Yes I did use the Support Tool to re-install, and I did a clean uninstall/install also! I will do this again, but unfortunately it will have to be tommorow, as it is pretty late here in the UK! Regards.
  9. You say there is a real need to do a clean re-install of Malwarebytes for Windows!? As I've already mentioned in my second previous post, I have already done "two" re-installations, and this problem still exists!?
  10. The real time protection is on, I'll do a restart to see if anything has changed!
  11. Hi Maurice Naggar, I don't have Malwarebytes registered in the Security Center, so that part is fine! I just deleted my scheduled weekly scan, and edited my daily scan to run, but again, no joy unfortunately! Like I said in my previous post, if I disble the real time Malware Protection, then everything works exactly as it should?? This also goes for checking for updates manually, if Malware protection is on, then when I try to manually check for updates, nothing!? As soon as I disable Malware Protection, bam, it works!? Regards.
  12. After installing the new v4.0 version of Malwarebytes Premium, it seems regardless of whether I choose the setting to always register in Windows Security Center or not, that only manual scans seem to work!? When ever I try and set up a scheduled scan, nothing happens at all? No scan, no reports, nothing!? I read in another post, that someone had a similar problem, and the only time everything works as normal for this person, is when you disable Malwarebytes real time protection (kind of defeats the object of the program I'd say!). But in my case, this also applies. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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