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  1. Ok, so clearing the Hubble Cache works. It doesn't detect it anymore, Thank you for your support!
  2. I know, Yesterday it only detected it by real time protection, now it only detects it by Threat scan for some reason...
  3. Just yesterday I spoke with an employee on Reddit about a weird issue I was having where Malwarebytes detected RockstarService.exe as a Generic.Malware/Suspicious file. I scanned it with VirusTotal and it had 0/77 detections, the employee I spoke to asked me to send him the sample and he fixed the issue, I updated it and I did a scan in case it didn't work, thankfully it worked and it didn't Interrupt me from opening the Rockstar Games Launcher. Today I did my daily scan just to find that now the scan detects it instead of the Real Time Detection, I tried to update Malwarebytes yet again and I'm on the newest version already. Can someone please help me fix this issue?
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