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  1. @Maurice NaggarIt definitely isn't an issue on Charyb's end because I tested a completely clean install of Win10 Pro and MB4 with the same issue.
  2. @exile360the issue still occurs with fast startup disabled and when restarting.
  3. @CharybI guess is something to do with fast startup saves the state of the OS to the hard drive. This issue is pretty weird because it is usually the opposite case of fast startup causing problems, not a clean restart.
  4. @LiquidTensionMalwarebytes never registered correctly (I let it sit for over an hour).
  5. PSA: until this bug is fixed, don't enable registering in WSC because it will have not effect.
  6. @Maurice Naggar I have it off. I am just concerned that the default option (for new installations) is completely broken.
  7. wsc off: wsc on (turned it off and back on): wsc on immediately after reboot: wsc on a few minutes after reboot: mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I am just confused about why this setting doesn't work. The problem is not that defender gets disabled, its that defender stays enabled and malwarebytes appears as "off" in the security center.
  9. Malwarebytes correctly registers to windows defender security center upon install but breaks after reboot. Windows defender shows that it is activated and the "security providers" page shows "this page has no supported features" at first and then after a few minutes, it shows "malwarebytes is turned off" and "windows defender antivirus is turned on". I reinstalled malwarebytes, ran sfc /scannow, DISM, and reinstalled windows to no avail. Is this some MB bug or some known windows issue? Settings are default.
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