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  1. The Time Machine app launching issue also persists in 11.3.
  2. A restart worked for me on the RC release but I had to reinstall on the final release.
  3. The same issues occurs when CPU usage is set to "Medium".
  4. This error pops up during a Time Machine backup with CPU usage set to "Low". It doesn't happen when it's set to "High". I haven't done enough testing with "Medium" to verify if the issues occurs with it. The aforementioned sluggish app launching issue was only experienced with CPU usage set to "High". This issue wasn't solved by a Malwarebytes reinstall and a MacOS reinstall.
  5. Looks like I spoke too soon. The app launching issue is still happening but with a noticeably lower frequency.
  6. The 4.8.10 beta appears to have fixed the time machine app launching issue.
  7. Thanks, I didn't realize that it was officially released today.
  8. The backup has worked reliably for about a year prior to the issue occurring.
  9. From further testing, it appears that only disabling Malware Protection resolves the issue.
  10. @treed I do have an Intel MacBook Pro but it's currently unusable due to a butterfly keyboard issue. However, I haven't noticed any issue running Big Sur before the keyboard broke. The destination drive is a samba share running on a raspberry pi. Stopping App Block with Malware Protection still enabled or vice versa causes the issue to immediately disappear.
  11. Addendum 2: Terminal commands like SSH are also affected in addition to 3rd party apps.
  12. Here's a feedback assistant report that I originally sent to Apple that describes the issue in more detail: - The problem only seems to occur during Time Machine backups. - 3rd party apps take a long time to launch but not 1st party apps like App Store and Settings. - The following launch times of the app “Authy Desktop” were recorded with a stopwatch and are measured in seconds. The recorded time is likely 1-2s longer than the actual time due to human reaction times. The time was measured from when the mouse was clicked on the app icon to when the white dot appeared below the app ico
  13. For me, the issue only occurred during network time machine backups with the M1 MacBook Pro. I can send you a spindump taken when the issue was occurring if you want.
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