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  1. Definitely going to make sure that Browser Guard is installed on every single browser I have.
  2. The browser guard is apparently better at blocking domains than MB premium. I tested with the browser guard and the domain reimageplus.com was indeed blocked. However, in incognito mode (extensions disabled), reimageplus.com is not blocked. It is definitely possible for applications using WFP to block domains even using a VPN because adguard for windows, which uses WFP, works fine with a VPN.
  3. But there is no reason not to block both reimageplus.com and its resolved ip of The domain reimageplus.com is always going to be malicious and so will be There is little incentive for PUP vendors to change their domains or IPs as there software is not illegal, so it would be a good idea to block both the domain and the IP.
  4. I guess the only way to improve filtering over VPN is to block both domains and IPs. For example both the domain reimageplus.com and its corresponding IP will be blocked.
  5. @exile360I think a MB staff should come and clarify the method used to block malicious domains and why it doesn't work over VPN while some competitors does. Even if MB's malicious website block is in fact better than for example Norton's, it is completely nonfunctional for people that use a VPN.
  6. @exile360nope it has the same accuracy as MB https://www.pcmag.com/image_popup/0,1871,iid=659907,00.asp
  7. Then how does something like Norton still work with a VPN?
  8. WSC for me is now showing the normal message of "getting protection status" instead of "enable tamper protection".
  9. @LiquidTensionis it possible to change the blocking method so all malicious websites can be filtered?
  10. @LiquidTensionjust to confirm, is the "enable tamper protection" WSC status for a few minutes after reboot caused by MB or not?
  11. @LiquidTensionWSC shows startup type: manual for me but it starts automatically.
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