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  1. I've reproduced the app launch issue on an Intel MBP so it is unrelated to M1 compatibility. There instead seems to be a compatibility issue with network Time Machine backups since the issue occurred on both machines only when a backup is running.
  2. 4.10.4 reduces CPU usage considerably but the time machine app launching issue remains.
  3. Possibly, but the issue hasn't occurred again so I can't carry out additional tests.
  4. This issue and the RTProtectionDaemon issue aren't common but I've only experienced them since 4.9.7
  5. The icon dancing issue stopped for me too. But instead of having a dancing icon, the dot appears below the app's icon but it still doesn't launch.
  6. That's also what I have normally when RTProtectionDaemon isn't frozen.
  7. I tested in safe mode and the issue still occurs with macOS 11.4 RC1 and Malwarebytes 4.9.7.
  8. There isn't any abnormally high CPU usage for any process when the issue is occurring. I'll test in safe mode and see if that changes anything.
  9. I don't think that's the cause of the issue since I've observed the issue with every single third party app. I will check Activity Monitor the next time the issue occurs though.
  10. The app launching issue persists with 4.9.6 beta and macOS 11.3.1.
  11. 4.9.6 on a M1 MBP reduces CPU usage by a lot but I have yet to see whether the time machine app launch issue is resolved.
  12. The Time Machine app launching issue also persists in 11.3.
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