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  1. Thanks for the response David. Finally got MB4 downloaded version Hard to believe the SOBs can divert phone calls.... they did not identify themselves other than "support" when they answered the phone - no company name. The guy was really good with his explanations.... however as I grow older my mind is not nearly what it used to be. Finally figured out is was all BS, but I am taking the puter in tomorrow to have it cleaned by someone I trust. I have a couple of phone numbers that I checked this AM and went on the web and searched for "Malwarebytes support" and found a match for one that I beleive is the outfit I talked to. They have a web presence DBA "zaponics.com" I missed the actual name of the company.... it was two words starting with a K. He displayed it on the screen when we were corresponding (they wanted a check mailed and it wasn't to Malwarebytes and that was the final giveaway.) Their P.O. Box was 82277, Athens, GA 30608 Again, appreciate the response.
  2. Received email notifying me of MB4 availability.... attemped to download and page would gray out at every opportunity I tried to download. Running Win 7. Finally went to MB support and tech indicated my puter had a problem and he would have to work on it to be able to install MB4. Yes, I dialed the MB support number and tech represented he was representing MB. He took control of my computer and ran some analysys. Tech said for $469 dollars he would correct problem so MB4 would load and give me 5 yr security/support for Win 7 and provide a firewall. After long discussion and telling him I didn't need or want what he wanted to provide he indicated for $169.00 he would just clean/repair my computer and install MB4 with no Win support or firewall. After expressing my reluctance to pay for this service he additionally indicated I had to write a check to some outfit in Athens Georgia I said no thanks. Still can not acccess download site. What kind of scam is this?? Made a number of attempts to down load... no luck in accessing site. Page continues to gray out.....WTF is going on?? Any ideas. This doesn't sound like a legitimate MB support tech, but I'm certain I dialed the MB support number and I can't access the download site.
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