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  1. -I'm in the insurance business and for the record, everything I do is legal. -Bought a brand new Iphone 11 last week and decided to get a new number -As soon as I placed my apple ID and password, I get a weird call right there in the store. Everyone was dumfounded, me included. - That same afternoon, I called an insurance broker I collaborate with and our conversation was plagued by screeching sounds. I informed the broker that we were getting a new account from one of the major brokers and as soon as I hung up the call, I get another phone call but this time, Malwarebytes was warning me that I was receiving a spam call titled 00000. -I didn't answer the call although I had a problem accessing the internet afterwords. Not sure if the internet access was related or not -I suspect that my conversations are getting tapped upon by an organization with deep pockets. I had to move to another state to start fresh and I even changed my number but the problem continues -I have since changed my iCloud password and yes, I have 2-factor authentication and yes, only my MBP, Ipad and Iphone 11 are authorized in iCloud -Can someone actually listen to my conversations if they have my apple ID? -I have changed the password in my iphone and have de-authorized the MBP and iPad as a matter of troubleshooting -Oh and my hotspot had a life of its own a couple days ago. I conducted a reset and password protected it. -any pointers? Weird isn't it? I have downloaded SIGNAL, a VPN as well.
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