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  1. OK np now, disable qq manager self protection, and all works Same problem have not been fixed over half year
  2. Today I opened the malwarebytes 4.1 and reveived an update. After that, Malwarebytes said unable to connect. Then I use the supporting tool to perform a cleaning, and advance repair, and it does not work at all It pop up this message again and again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. After desable the self-protection of QQPCMgr, and fully end all the process in the task manager, the Malwarebytes 4 is now able to install, and it works fine on my computer now, Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. All other application running well in my computer Windows version is the newest version Previous version of Malwarebytes running well, only version 4 has the problem Please fix this
  5. Even after using the Diagnostic Tool for Malwarebytes, it still not working,Pop up a message "an error occurred" everytime after install, even after a clean install with Diagnostic Tool for Malwarebytes clean all previous files!!!Please help mbst-grab-results.zip
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