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  1. You wrong Maurice. As i remember i have my own thread (a long one) and as i remenber i just made a post in one other tread to advice the user to disable the Ramssonware protection and wait for a fix. The other one was here....because its been lots a time since the issue persist and this user have the same problem. I allways try to be polite here in the forum and i start my post in this tread with: "I apologize for posting here". I sincerely waive the advice to keep me in attendance for suport like you suggested: "Last lastly, if you have opened a Support ticket, and have a on-going help with a support tech, it is best to stick with Support." This is my last post in this forum. Stay safe. "
  2. I apologize for posting here, but as I have the same problem as this user. I want to say that a lot of people tried to help in this forum ... this is not in question, but in fact after so long I decided to open a ticket and attach a log file explaining this same problem to the tecnic staff. Yesterday I got the answer and this was a generic answer ... like downloading the Malwarebytes tool ... blah .... blah blah .... restart the pc ... clean installation etc etc ,,, something I've done dozens of times. However, there is no assumption that the problem exists and that they are still looking for a solution ... none of that. People afected is not a majority but there are nevertheless many with the same problem. It would be nice to read some Malwarebytes publication on this subject. This has not yet happened. Thanks!
  3. Hello. Just an update about this problem: Today i updated to Malwarebytes Beta version component 1.0.961, in the hope that it could solve the problem of random system freezing after the 2004 update of Windows 10. After all, it had absolutely no impact on resolving this situation. All the solutions proposed on various topics about this problem have not worked at all. Malwarebytes only works without freezing the system if Anti-Ramsonware protection is turned off. To the attention of the technical staff. Thanks
  4. Hello! Today I tried to install again the new Beta version and installed it without any problems. The problem with the installation error of this latest Beta version seems to be solved. Now I'm going to see if this new version has any effect on my other random freeze problem after the 2004 Windows 10 update. You can close this topic. Thank you for your help.
  5. Well....first i enable the Beta Versions in settings...then download de Beta upgrade....after that.... gives me that error...soo i uninstall the program using Malwarebytes tool and repeat the process again ...with the some error. I dont know if i'm missing something...
  6. Hello Porthos. Maybe because i delete the tool after the procedure.
  7. I did that twice. I was hoping that the new Beta update would solve my problem described here: But no luck....still unable to install new Beta realesed. I dont know if have something to do with the other problem i mention a above.
  8. I revert back to the last (non Beta) version without problem. Just the new Beta version gives a error when trying install. Thanks!
  9. Hello. The new Beta version download....then ask to Install...then basically says that the instalation failed...reboot your sistem and try again...(its in Portuguese language).
  10. Hello. I try to install the new Beta version release today but gives me a error and i'm unable to do it.. I try many times I have the install Beta button enable on settings. Logs attached Thanks! mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna wait until a fix is released. I just wanted to ensure that the problem was not forgotten because either the Beta version or the latest update package released yesterday did not solve the problem. Thanks again!
  12. Hello. Just to let you know that i made a clean install and reinstall with Malwarebytes for Windows Component The problem remains the same. The Pc just dont freeze with the Ramsonware Protection Disable. Just to not let this topic die because in my case it was not resolved. Thanks!
  13. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks the problem remains unresolved. Malwarebytes freezes the pc unless Ramnsonware protection is disabled. Some topics here suggest that the latest Beta update solves the problem, but in my case nothing does. Furthermore, in the release notes of the latest Beta versions there is no reference to solving this problem, so any improvements that some users may have felt will not have to do with the new Beta versions. It all started at the very moment of the 2004 Windows update. I only have Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. As the problem remains unsolved, open a ticket with a new log file. It is bizarre that the problem remains unsolved after so long. I am a paying Premium Version customer. Thanks.
  14. @Neverwinterx.....try to disable Ramnsonware Protection and wait for a fix. I'm struggling with that problem since 2004 Update. That works for me.
  15. "You also have the option of reverting to an earlier component package version, which will allow you to keep Web Protection enabled." @Porthos: My issue is not about Web Protection.....its about Ramsonware Protection...has you can read im my post above. Its Ramsonware Protection who causes me the freezes since the 2004 Update. Its start as exact same time has the 2004 update was installed. Thanks for the tip to revert to a earlier component package version....but in that case i prefered disable Ramsonware Protection in my version (last Beta).
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