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  1. Thank You! It's nice having someone offer a civil and helpful response rather than being blown off. Sincerely appreciated!
  2. Thank You! It's nice having someone offer a civil and helpful response rather than being blown off. Sincerely appreciated!
  3. Hoping this is the correct forum to post this to.... Has anyone tried, had success with, et al, Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control: https://www.binisoft.org/wfc Would like to try it, but would prefer knowledge of experiences prior to trying. Thanks in advance.
  4. The hosting company we use informs me we probably have malware one of our sites. They suggest a couple of malware removal apps, one being Malwarebytes. In scanning Malwarebytes website, I am not seeing a product specific to cloud-based (in this case, Cloudflare as a third-party vendor), websites. (The issue is what appears to be an infection via our site's Contact Page, to which one of our auto-responders replied via an email address provided in the contact page inquiry.) If Malwarebytes doesn't service this need, referrals to quality cleaners would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    You still don't get it.......
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    Then, why don't you put that on your webpages, at the obvious pLACES (FOR THE NON-EMPLOYEE) so it is clear. I would say yo are leaving a lot of $$$ on the table. Since I spent 2 hrs trying to figure your product line out, and 30-minutes on one of your competitors sites, where it was much, much more understandable. I went with the enterprise version of theirs.
  7. RickyO


    Thirty-five years in IT, owning three companies after working my way up through dev and sales channels. Must say, this is the (at the least) the most confusing, if not WORST support operation I've ever, as in EVER, seen. Just one example: I have questions regarding the PRIVACY portion of the app.Your advert pages only reference for iOS. Since we use Win, I was simply wondering if that product is written for Windows. I search ==> nada. I try the AI chat bot ==> not intelligent. Stumbled onto this forum, and followed simple logic to get into the "Malwarebytes Privacy/Windows" discussion area; only to find it has sub-sections for "Malwarebytes Privacy for iOS " and "Malwarebytes Privacy for Mac ". Again, those are under the "Windows" section. (Why do webdevs, tech copywriters, and marketing people do that? Are they just so anti-social they don't want to communicate with those who buy the products which pay their incomes?) Pathetic, terrible management. But what do I know, I just use to turn around failing businesses before I went out on my own. Loved increasing sales by 100% in 72 hours and 600%+ in 90 days.) So, with that said, (which I don't believe MWB will do anything about....), all I'm seeing is topics about how the Privacy portion DOESN'T WORK! Go figure. So, does this Privacy ass actually work on Windows? And thanks for wasting 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. Who do I bill for that?
  8. Okay; it seems to have fixed the issues. Do you think it was the email, or MWBs, or Outlook??? BTW, when the tool reinstalled MWBs, it kind of messed up my license counts: It's not showing all the machines I have it installed on. Which way to fix it? I can think of more than one option, but don't want to screw something up out of ignorance. Thanks again.
  9. Going through recently received emails in Outlook2019 I get to one incoming email and it triggers an RTP detection. It causes OL to stop, does not allow any emails to be deleted. I can restart OL, but all the previous emails seen before the event are still there. Upon repeat of action, it always happens at the same email. Problem is, there are no hints or instructions in MWBs to indicate what I should do to get beyond the problem. I've tried right-click options to try to delete that email: not successful. I'm attaching the screen captures. Would really like to know what to do next. Not sure if it's something in OL, something in MWB, or something in the email. Either way, it's like no one wrote instructions regarding how to handle the issue. Thanks in advance. Blocked Website.txt Malwarebytes Arrest.txt
  10. I dl'ed and ran the tool. The mbst-grab file was not created. Also, when it instructed to search for a Ticket number, nothing showed and I certainly didn't have one from this board. That's as far as it went, and to be honest, I just don't have the time to further spend on this and it's not billable time for me.
  11. It appears that even though the install process threw-out the error message, v.4 did install; which creates yet another curiousity. I suggest you go back and vet the code to see what triggers that error. Better yet, redefine the error response codes to be more intuitive and get rid of the error message I experienced. (Are you using someone else's chunk of code.) Here's what I am seeing now regarding what's running. I'm assuming it is the proper version:
  12. Just received an email to update to v.4 for Windows. Downloaded, and proceeded according to instructions. Received an error message, "An error occurred." No mention of what type of error, or a hint as to what the problem is. Really??? (Who wrote that code...?) Anyone have any ideas as to the issue(s)? Using Windows10 Pro - 64bit on AMD 8-processor machine with 64Gb RAM. Thanks in advance.
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