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  1. One remark, it looks that the "Profiles" get a "Readonly" marker and I cant remove it. If i change status to R/W, this is possible. But after reopen, its again on READONLY. Maybe this could help to find the error. Rainer
  2. I have a big problem. After installation of FIREFOX 70.0.1 the browser not works. All the time i get the error message "Firefox two times run and must stop". But its impossile. I must deinstall the FIREFOX and stop MALWAREBYTES. Then I can install FIREFOX and its works. But if i Start the MALWAREBYTE the problem is the same. And after the first error message of FIREFOX I must deinstall Firefox. No chance. The problem is with the V3 and the top actuell version V4.x. With both version the same problem. What shall I do? Rainer
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