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  1. Thanks Maurice for your help. I will close the thread later this afternoon. Cautionary tale: Don't click on a link in an email. II know better but the bad guys are very clever. As far as I am concerned, Malware-bytes is a must have scanner and well worth the price for the premium version. Rob
  2. Check. I will stop running Roguekiller. Attached is the report where the malware was detected. Running AVG cleaner right now. Rob mb threat report.txt
  3. Maurice, Thank you for the quick response. I regularly run Hitmanpro, Roguekiller, Norton Quick and Full scans. None have found anything in quite a while. Malware Bytes is the only scanner that has detected anything. Eset log attached. Rob eset.log
  4. I have had Malware on my system since December (only recently found by Malware-bytes). Malware-bytes scans are clean (run multiple times with restarts in between). I want to make sure that nothing else was installed. TIA Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-full scan.txt MB-quick scan.txt
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