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  1. Hey all, Didn't know my question would stir a lot of discussion. Though I've seen this a few different programs. For instance I use Bit defender and they removed the update button in the interface. This caused some uproar. I think a lot of people are like myself. When they boot up their computer, are start a program to scan for virus/maleware. It just feels good to do a check to ensure you are using the latest definitions prior to a scan or going about your day. Sure, a lot will do this in the background itself, but doing yourself just feels more tangible and you KNOW when it was last actually updated. It's a comfort thing. It can be frustrating as it was with Bitdefender, but with all the uproar, I just modfied what I do when I boot my computer or start a scan. Yes, it may entail you jumping through an extra hoop you previously didn't have to do and you don't know why the developer would make a design choice to make something harder. I think one thing most companies don't mention is that perhaps us all continually checking for updates may increase server workload and that may be why they are discouraging the use by slighting hiding the option. Like BitDefender I found you can right click the icon in the system tray and do a quick update check of definitions. I think this will make things feel easier than jumping through menu hoops. I've gotten quite used to this method and don't even care about loosing the option in interface now. Having said all that, I do agree that a lot of people who like to know WHAT is being updated. I'm a computer nerd and like to know what each part of the program does and have control over that process as I'm more comfortable with some aspects of software than others and know what I program to do to make my life easier. I used to use to system mechanic and they kept dumming down the interface so much that you would click a button and a did few things and never told what exactly was happening or let you have a control of how was done. I think this was done to make using the program easier on non-computer type people. But they did put off their customer base that were good with computers. So much so that I and anyone I know used/payed for QUICKLY dumped the program for free options like ccleaner etc and never looked back. And some work better than their program and we may never know that if Iolo hadn't forced us to look elsewhere. I hope the developers will think of this, while making some changes may make financial sense, is it what really what is in your customers best interest and could it take away part of the experience they enjoy. Once a customer leaves, you will not get them back. Is it so hard for you code in what is being updated when people go to the options to now to check for definition updates? Would you, as a customer not feel better getting this information? It sure would make loosing the option in the main interface sting less? As well, perhaps someone would like to update their definitions, but NOT update the program. How do they accomplish this? Thanks but that doesn't apply to my situation or the version of the product I'm using.
  2. Been trying to reply to this but keep getting caught up in an aggressive spam filter. Not sure why I sound like spam lol. Thanks for the reply everyone!
  3. Liking the sleek new look of 4.0, but wondering if it's maybe too sleek. I don't see anywhere to update the definitions. Could someone point me where to do this??
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