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  1. This may be a quite dumb question, but I can't find the exclusions list in Malwarebytes 4. Has it been removed or can I not find it?
  2. Okay, I excluded the path, E:\Media\Pictures lmao\homework, and the scan finally worked. I tried the scan 4 times, and they all finished. Thanks for helping! Apparently, a large amount of folders broke Malwarebytes. I have around 60 million folders in there, as I wanted to experiment how long it would take my hard drive to make all those folders and did not bother deleting them.
  3. Hello, apologies for my late response. I do not have Microsoft Defender even enabled, as I hate the fact that it always runs on the background and hogs up RAM when I don't need it to. I have it disabled, as I rely on Malwarebytes to do the job for me incase I ever get a virus. Here is the log folder you asked: https://we.tl/t-wvV1WkKMtL
  4. I have two hard drives in my system. The C:/ drive is currently working fine, and scans finish with no problems. However, everytime I scan my E:/ drive, Malwarebytes is always getting stuck scanning with files specificially from this folder. I've opened the files manually myself, and it appears to have no problems. I have attempted solutions from other people already, uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes (through the cleanup utility toool), turned off rootkits, and restarting my computer. I still do not have a working solution for this, and this hasn't been the first time this problem has occured (by the way, scans with my E:/ drive did originally work at first, but this problem started out of nowhere.)
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