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  1. Hi Folks, Apparently it was the older version of Norton Symantec causing the popup. I contacted Comcast Support and was directed to the Apple Technical team. After giving them control on my MacBook they were able to remove the old version of Symantec and then we installed the new version. There were many restarts through the process to get things to work right, but I had a good tech guy that would not give up and neither did I. My thanks to everyone and Pondus, your link was what I needed to find the problem. Neal
  2. Great info and thanks. My wifi provider is Comcast and, for years they provide as part of their service anti-virus software. Maybe the problem is the older version is installed. I'm going to check that out and will get back to you. Both Norton and Symantec were mentioned. Neal
  3. By the way, I use Safari and always have. Do you have a good recommendation for a Browser Guard for Safari Macbooks? Neal
  4. Okay, good information and thanks for getting back so fast! I will try your suggestion and let you know if it worked. I have no idea what this pop up is referring to as I cannot relate it to a particular site or email...just started when I installed Catalina 10.15.1. It makes sense that it would confuse me as it really did. Neal
  5. I need help getting rid of this malware that I got during installation of OS Catalina version 10.15.1 on my 2014 MacBook air. I have tried two different scan tools but neither recognized it. It's annoying and pops up every minute and I am afraid it will seek entry into private accounts. Help! Neal
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