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  1. the first thing the linked page asks me to do is update MWB; Funny thing is we have MWB for our business, and I've seen no update notices, however my installed MWB client now says it's current version is 3.8? when I checked my version this am it was 3.1; after running the scan in the support tool; it apparently upgraded ny client; which informed me I have a 14 days left in my Trial?
  2. Everyday I get a notice regarding "C:\USERS\Named User\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\Default\Web Data" and that it's been quarantined as a pup I've searched on it, and only found that version 3 was suppose to get along better with Chrome How do I A: stop chrome from making the file? or B: preclude it from scanning
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