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  1. This looks perfect to me, easy and clean, nice job, hope you will inspire them !
  2. Totally agree, sounds good !
  3. Of course it's subjective, for me profesionnal means clean and sober, just like this for example -->
  4. I'm sure you worked a lot on it, but for me it's quit the same problem, too many colors, robot etc. It doesn't look really profesionnal in my opinion. But it's intuitive !
  5. Even if you agree, there is no need to be rude mate. Cheers !
  6. Totally agree with you. Personnaly I did say that more for helping the MWB team, because for me the version 4.0.X looks like a free version of Avast or like IObit SystemCare, what I mean is that with this UI I think that MWB lost his professional look, wich is not good for business. This UI looks like any other security software, wich is sad, because MWB is obviously better ! But obviously we will remain faithful to it, it's rather for new customers who do not yet know MWB that I said that. Cheers
  7. Thanks for your reply and thanks for get it back to the team ! I wasn't really clear, only the white button is blurry, I have a 4K screen, maybe it's because of it (see screenshot attached). Thanks again !
  8. Hi ! I totally agree, I'm using the paid version and I will continue to use it, but the new UI is really not nice. Usually I love when it changes but here, it's like a cheap Adaware software with these big buttons and this enormous Police (wich is really not modern). The scan/detection history/live protections icons look also really cheap and not modern at all. For me it's like a software from 2016, not 2020, I advice you to change it in a way more modern and professional, like the old UI. For me you should remove the background image, and all the shadows, and you should also reduce the size of the police, really. Finally, the little blue buttons (on/off buttons) are blurry, hope you will fix it !
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