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  1. This looks perfect to me, easy and clean, nice job, hope you will inspire them !
  2. Totally agree, sounds good !
  3. Of course it's subjective, for me profesionnal means clean and sober, just like this for example -->
  4. I'm sure you worked a lot on it, but for me it's quit the same problem, too many colors, robot etc. It doesn't look really profesionnal in my opinion. But it's intuitive !
  5. Even if you agree, there is no need to be rude mate. Cheers !
  6. Totally agree with you. Personnaly I did say that more for helping the MWB team, because for me the version 4.0.X looks like a free version of Avast or like IObit SystemCare, what I mean is that with this UI I think that MWB lost his professional look, wich is not good for business. This UI looks like any other security software, wich is sad, because MWB is obviously better ! But obviously we will remain faithful to it, it's rather for new customers who do not yet know MWB that I said that. Cheers
  7. Thanks for your reply and thanks for get it back to the team ! I wasn't really clear, only the white button is blurry, I have a 4K screen, maybe it's because of it (see screenshot attached). Thanks again !
  8. Hi ! I totally agree, I'm using the paid version and I will continue to use it, but the new UI is really not nice. Usually I love when it changes but here, it's like a cheap Adaware software with these big buttons and this enormous Police (wich is really not modern). The scan/detection history/live protections icons look also really cheap and not modern at all. For me it's like a software from 2016, not 2020, I advice you to change it in a way more modern and professional, like the old UI. For me you should remove the background image, and all the shadows, and you should also reduce the size o
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