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  1. The issue is solved. The problem is not with in my pc or router. The problem is that Fancentro.com har banned access to there site by redirect some server that mullvads use. Its just a IP Ban redirect. Cheers.
  2. Edit: So I have tested back and forth here now. I noticed that is just one server at mullvad.net that give me this redirect. I tried to install mullvads app on another computer and the same server gets me this redirect. But the servers are in a countery that allow this kind of webiste so there are some infection at mullvad I guess? I have not been able to install mullvad on a computer outside of my network. Cheers.
  3. So I tried to disconnect from my VPN. I use mullvad one of your partners I think. When I am not connected throw the VPN I dont get redirected. When connected i get redirected, no matter what server in the world i connect to. Best regards.
  4. Hi Nasdaq, thank you for taking the time to help me. Unfortunately after following ur steps the problem persists. I dont use firefox sync. Attaching my fixlog. Best regards. Fixlog.txt
  5. Also good to know is that I have 2 extra HDD in my computer. With just personal files and scaned them as well. I have also backup the files and format the drives to make sure is nothing else there.
  6. Hi. So I have this problem that i notice when i visit Fancentro.com (NSFW) i get redirected to patriarchia.ru Fancentro.com is the only webpage that I have noticed this redirect. There is no other page that is effected. I have scan my computer with Malwarebytes Premium Trial manytimes with no luck. So I downloaded windows on another computer and made a USB Windows installer. Then i formatted my windows drive and installed a clean copy from the flash drive. When the new windows is installed the problem goes away for a day or so. Then I notice that my computer freeze up or act strange. Then when I go to fancentro.com again the problem is back. So this virus, malware or what it is manage to comeback everytime. On my last reset I did not visit any unknown trusted webpages so could not have gotten it again from the same location. Please help me solve this. Cheers. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malewarebytes.txt
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