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  1. Thanks, I have taken a copy of the URLs and will deal with this when I have more time as I am just about to go on holiday. Thanks for your support.
  2. We deal with cruise ships, and they are general 'rife' with virus & malware. This is why I am now considering your software in addition to Trend AV. Would both be good?
  3. Let me tell you the story... I work at Level 3 server technician, and I am quite fastidious with trying to ensure we have no problems in my company. We have Mimecast, Meraki (advance license with AV & Malware protection) and Trend AV. A company informed me that I was passing Malware. I checked my laptop with Trend, and tried your free program...nothing! Strange, until I thought about my USB Key, with 200 Malware on it, which I only use for clients. It had somehow passed to my key, and why I was asking whether your program supported USB on insertion. If it had, then you would now have
  4. Does Malwarebytes have the ability to scan a USB key (aka pen drive) on insertion. I have a clean laptop, but, my USB Key, so I found out, has 200 Malware on it, that I was not aware of. I only use this from site-to-site and will have picked these up from clients. For the future, I wondered whether a quick scan on insertion was possible?
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