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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your prompt attention and replies. Cheers, Nigel Thomas Simply Super Software
  2. Hi again, Then their detection is a false positive. That file is exactly the same as all the other files on the other links, is digitally signed, and the signature is OK. The file was last updated on 16th October. Please ask them to re-analyse. This is the result from VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/103360b98b6e3ca72d0d50e6e19d1068079da513412cf0eb5a486f96bf4465a5/detection The one (heuristic) detection there, from Rising Antivirus, is clearly another false positive, we'll try to contact them to get that fixed. You'll see that MalwareBytes lists the file as clean. Cheers, Nigel Thomas Simply Super Software
  3. Hi, Mirror site #1 links to: http://simplysup.co.uk/download/dl/trjsetup695.exe and delivers our setup file, as do all the other mirror links. Please can you re-check this, and inform me of your findings if they differ. Nigel Thomas Simply Super Software
  4. Good morning, One of our customers has reported that MalwareBytes Browser Guard is blocking access to our website www.simplysup.com as it "may contain malware activity". Please could I request you check this detection. We are the developers of Trojan Remover, an anti-malware program that we have been producing since 1999; such a detection by yourselves is worrying. Nigel Thomas Simply Super Software
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