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  1. These are all just ideas, and the skin examples show easier navigation than what they currently have.
  2. Imagine if you could choose different skins.
  3. Agreed. I think of it as GUI's for babies. I can't stand the win10 menu, so had to alter that personally.
  4. There ya go, another example.
  5. I find it amusing though, ten years ago, add shading and shadows to a GUI, it's all great and impressive. Now, add shadows and shading to a button and it's suddenly 'unprofessional'.
  6. Turn it on it's side, reduce it by 50%, and I'd be happy with that too.
  7. The Skyview is on the actual window title bar. It is just an idea and is really here nor there, it's a Windows title bar. The robot is here nor there. It just shows the devs that there are options for them, either in the background of a white window display area or in the area which is where the other setting options show up. The empty space, there isn't really much empty space, look at the resized second image for a better size. I suppose we could always have everything in the Tray Icon, with ticks and menus that cascade out like windows 95. Always an option for those who want to sav
  8. I suppose it all depends on your view of professional. To some, MS Paint GUI is professional. Potato Potatoe.
  9. Even that above GUI remix is a bit too big for my tastes. I'd prefer something a bit smaller in size, or... ideally, the whole thing resizes to whatever size you prefer.
  10. Please find attached an example of better looking and flowing Malwarebytes 4x GUI. It's not perfect with every icon and pixel, been up all night messing around with ideas and came up with this. Hope this inspires the devs.
  11. Even a button to open it if you have it installed would be nice. An option. For those who do want to clean garbage. For those who don't want to put the bins out, and don't have it installed, the button and or option could vanish. win:win
  12. Off Topic: Updated to 4.0.3 - Is the 'Tray Icon' meant to be listed in the apps area when you open your task manager? Shouldn't that be a background process?
  13. Thank God it isn't just me. I was thinking it looks pretty cheap and tacky and unprofessional too, like a pretend spamware app, but I didn't want to just say it without trying to be constructive in some way... and I was really scratching my head as to how to be nice about it other than say what I did.
  14. So you don't want a program that collects garbage on your computer incorporated into a program that collects garbage. Fair enough, Ken.
  15. Thank you for the feedback and thank you for passing the suggestion on.
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