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  1. I mostly visit those surface web like FB, YouTube, and other web like wikia. I do sometimes visit those web to download games and stuff but very rarely I only have 3 extensions on chrome including Malwarebytes extension you recommend me earlier Yay no RiskWares detected even after I reboot the laptop Thank you sir MBytes scans.txt
  2. Removed smadav but then I restarted my laptop because avira asked me to
  3. None of the 2 messages boxes you mentioned occur but here the log mbar-log-2019-10-24 (21-34-26).txt
  4. You said to attach it with me email though, anyway I'm going to sleep
  5. Malwarebytes scan still detect same 8 Riskwares, I don't know anymore
  6. The Fix goes very quickly, too quickly I would say but here is the fixlog Fixlog.txt
  7. I replied it yes then nothing happened, the ComboFix is gone from the desktop when I look at C:\ComboFix it only have "NircmdB" with Application type
  8. It said Current date is 2019-10-22. ComboFix has expired Click 'Yes' to run in REDUCED FUNCTIONALITY mode Click 'No' to exit
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