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  1. prenup

    File Quarantined

    Okay, thank you very much for your help!
  2. prenup

    File Quarantined

    Alright I think I did it. I'll attach it to this! Smite.zip
  3. prenup

    File Quarantined

    Hi, I've done as @Firefox has asked, but I don't know how to zip the file in question!
  4. prenup

    File Quarantined

    Thank you! I've attached the files now. I hope these are the right thing you wanted. mbst-grab-results.zip smitefile.txt
  5. Hello! I was trying to open a game I often play, but Malwarebytes closed it and marked it as Ransomware. I've not had this issue in the past. It asked to restart my computer to quarantine it properly or something like that. I've not restarted as I'm not sure the game is Ransomware, but I'm a little worried about restoring said file. I exported the report file as txt file. I'm not sure if I should attach it here or not. Can anyone let me know if it's alright to restore the file? Let me know what information you need and I'll do my best to give it to you!
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