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  1. Okay, I'll follow your instructions in the near future, I think this is all I needed. Thanks alot man, I really appreciate your help. Again, Thanks for everything! God Bless You😊
  2. I've done the threat scan and no malwares detected and i also downloaded the update patch. So so far's It's already safe?
  3. forgive me maybe this is out of topic, may i ask one thing, i just want to clarify if this is not a malware right?. Since the attack I'm a little bit worried of downloading new stuffs to my laptop😟
  4. There's no history detected, i suppose its okay?
  5. How do i show you the result? it goes normally, and after the scan is finish my laptop reboots and it runs like the way it is.
  6. mbar-log-2019-10-17 (02-09-27).txt
  7. mbar-log-2019-10-17 (00-50-24).txt
  8. reboot is required to do the cleanup proccess, do i need to reboot now?
  9. I have problem on finding "One is to attach the log from this MBAR run ..... find and attach ...find the log in the mbar folder as MBAR-log-<date and time>***.txt . Please attach that" which on of these\ files ?
  10. i followed your instructions to download mb support tool but i was blocked, it says "An Administrator has blocked you from running this app"
  11. I need some help, i have some issues about malware and i downloaded malwarebytes, and there is the result, what should i do next?
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