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  1. Thanks for all the details Dyllon, that looks like a lot of work just to move the server! What is the latest version of Windows server where I can just do a reinstall and data restore? I have a Winserver 2016 VM and could probably create a 2012 if needed?
  2. I want to move our management console (mbmc version 1.9.03671) from a Windows 2008 VM to a new Windows 2019 VM but I am having problems trying to install it on the new server. The current sticking point is that it can't find .NET 3.5 Framework - (.Net 4.7 is present on the 2019 VM). Will this version of mbmc run on Windows 2019? if not, is there are more recent version that will. Are there work arounds to get this installed. Thanks.
  3. Hi THE, Rerun scan with current database (.17.03) and result is clear. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi THE, The database says it us up to date (version v2019.10.16.03). Did another refresh and it still flags this file. Good to know it is not a real threat though.
  5. This file was flagged by Malwarebytes but not by Sophos or Defender. File is declarative_bluetooth.dll, a component of WinPython64 downloaded from SourceForge (in the QT Bluetooth library). https://sourceforge.net/projects/winpython/files/WinPython_3.7/ If genuine then I need to do a lot of cleanup so want to be sure... Attached zip includes the log. declarative_bluetooth.zip
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