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  1. Thanks, I'm kinda new to all this smartphone stuff (my previous phone was veeery old) and I'm a little obsessed with safety. I try to be very careful, so when I got this I panicked a little. So anyway, if that's what you say, I'll try not to visit this site for some time. If the redirection is blocked (or even if it shows up but I press go back button) nothing bad should happen right?
  2. Hi, I have a strange problem. When I visit a site I often visit : dieroten.pl (FC Bayern unofficial polish fansite) on my mobile Honor Play (android 9) using Google Chrome, I get a message that a redirection was blocked. The blocked adress is: https:d2cabfzca78ju.cloudfront.net/rest/ck/(many signs here, too many to write down). I once opened it out of curiosity and it's a scam message "dear chrome user (today's date) complete this survey and win iPhone 11. Now, I panicked a little, but tried to find a solution. So here's what I did : delete cache, history, cookies, etc. Uninstalled Chrome's updates (can't uninstall it completely, coz it's Android) and install updates again scanned many times with Malwarebytes for mobile premium trial version - nothing detected And finally : factory reset phone - didn't help Now, what's strage. The redirection is NOT happening if I use another browser (downloaded Firefox to check) or if I use the site in computer mode (not sure if that's how it translates #sorry4myenglish) It's also not happening on any other site (checked like 20 other I often visit, problem only on this one). I'm not really a tech guy, so I feel like I did everything in my power and now feel kinda helpless. Any ideas?
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