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  1. Quick update: I did a clean with CCleaner, Did the fixtxt again.. Everything is normal right now (Can move desktop icons/Chrome not glitching); I also did a "reset sync" on chrome.
  2. Also, I tried the other fixes as well, and I guess it didn't work. Its very weird, as it comes back for a bit, then usually goes away for a bit, I really don't know. I did the Sync fix (I think?).. The guide is a little out of date, but I am not "synced"; to my other systems.
  3. Ok, so an update. I did the fix you just proposed, and I rebooted and my PC is back to the same old problem, chrome bugging out, as well as cannot move desktop icons/ interact with certain clients.
  4. Ok. So I can RUN the programs, I just can't click around in them, programs include Malwarebytes, and RuneLite, Blizzard client; etc.
  5. Ok actually interesting development... I did a shutdown, just recently, after doing fixlog.txt, and a rougekiller scan.. it seemed like my chrome was acting glitchy, as well as desktop, and now I can move stuff again?... UPDATE: The issue is BACK, yet again. To answer your question, In safe mode, it is the same on chrome even though it is offline, and cannot move icons in safemode as well.
  6. Ok, So, sorry for a late reply.. I did both of the fixes, and now it is back and wont go away no matter what I do. I shutdown, restart PC, and I do not have sync enabled in chrome.. and I can move desktop icons/ and interact with various programs by clicking on my desktop... Its very frustrating, and not only that, but rougekiller didn't detect anything, and typically MWB doesn't either.... Not sure what to do to rid myself of this..
  7. So I quick update. The problems, with chrome and the desktop unfortunately came back. I am going to post the Rouge killer fix log it gave me... roguekillerscan1019.txt
  8. So as a quick reply. Did the fix, seems to be going well! I had the problem, and restarted PC with fixlog (Which I will post as an attatchment), and my PC seems to be doing good right now. I am currently downloading RougeKiller, to run, and see if I need to clean more out... Thank you so much for your help! I'll reply if I have anymore issues... Also, if you could fill me in on what exactly happened or what FRST did exactly, that would be great to know... from what I saw, it deleted a bunch of temp files etc... Fixlog.txt
  9. Ok so, interestingly enough I was able rid myself of it temporarily (from a PC clean), and I have't gotten it yet. I however, DID get it very temporarily.. only for about 5-10 seconds, and it randomly went away?.. It was strange.. but each time I seem to have a anti-virus program or something enabled (I had Zenama enabled), it seems the virus, or w/e it is can't work.. I'm still unsure. I'll be attaching the FRST scan anyways, but currently I am not suffering issues... Also, sorry for the late reply, the help is appreciated! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hello Malwarebytes! I am honestly new here, but have been using Malwarebytes for a long time. Recently, I have seemed to encounter a nasty glitch/bug that will not go away, and I do suspect it is a form of malware. I have gone by trying to detect it with various programs, but it always seems to reemerge every now and again. Simply, what happens, is I will boot my PC, and at the desktop I will see my icons and everything, but I will be unable to click anything until I CTRL + ALT + DEL, and open task manager. After this, all seems well.. but it isn't.. I cannot move any of my desktop icons around.. My biggest issue, is that when I open chrome, various glitches happen. I click the refresh button, and it opens the same page but in another tab, It forcefully makes me open all of my tabs I have saved that are in my book marks folders, If I click back, it opens up the same tab, if I click ON the tab it closes it (Really frustrating this specific glitch), as well as I cannot type in the address bar... I have tried various fixes, running multitudes of cleaners, (Malwarebytes, ADW, CCleaner, rkill64) etc. the list goes on, but I can't seem to get rid of it. Also, when I run rkill64, it always detects a singular PUP., each time I run it and I have no idea what it is, but I fear this may be the culprit. In order to rid myself temporarily of the issue, I usually do a decent/full clean of my PC, then shutdown and reboot and this sometimes works. I have also tried to boot in safe mode, and the issue has persisted during this time as well, even when I try chrome offline!... I have also tried reinstalling chrome, and cleaning out cookies/browser stuff, as well as deleting and doing a full wipe of chrome which has not worked.. I have disabled all startup processes which also has not worked. I have done many things I think that should have fixed the issue, and I've only found a handful of people online with the same issue, in which have not found a fix. I also would try a system restore, but I've heard of the issue persisting, and I am unsure if I have a restore point before this bug?.. I'm not sure, but I may need to do this, or get help restoring properly.. Please if anyone has any knowledge of what I could do to fix, end this problem, it will be greatly valued!. Thank you!
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