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  1. Thank you, that seems to have fixed it. You really need to update the instructions in the app for Catalina, this is really confusing. There's nothing in the app or on this forum that tells me I need to change options in two different pages of the Security & Privacy settings.
  2. I'm trying to install MWB 3.9.32 on Mac OS Catalina. I've gone into System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access and checked the box for Malwarebytes Protection. But MWB still thinks it doesn't have disk access. It says "You're not fully protected. We recommend enabling real-time protection." When I click through "Turn on protection" it tells me to open the privacy settings and click "Allow" - I don't know what it's trying to tell me, there's no "Allow" button, I'm guessing these instructions haven't been changed from an earlier version of Mac OS. From reading the posts here, it sounds like allowing full disk access is what it wants, but I've done that and it still tells me it can't run. I've tried the advice in the sticky thread to reinstall MSB, and tried rebooting, but nothing helps.
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