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  1. Just to close this out ... I take my hat off to Malwarebytes, as it appears that a 'latest version upgrade' wasn't what it appeared to be. Have now re-started Messenger from the Microsoft store, and all now OK. Many thanks, Jane
  2. I'll attempt this zip file thingy next week: have a 10-year-old in the household this week (very tiring!)...🙄
  3. Sorry, Ron ~ that's Double Dutch to me (I'm very un-technically-minded!). 🤔 Jane
  4. Very many thanks ... got there in the end, after discovering it had to be done immediately! 😃
  5. Hello people, Since the new update release of Messenger for Desktop, Malwarebytes has decided it's a PUP thingy and refuses to let it update. I am unable to 'approve' it as it only appears in the 'Reports' section. Can anybody please advise how to get Malwarebytes to accept it? Many thanks, Bea
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