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  1. Sadly enough, I cannot follow your request. Even in the little bit that is within both the FRST.txt and the addition.txt, there's still too much personal info. If this was a personal request by a person within my friend group or even some acquaintances I wouldn't mind but not on here for all to see or to someone I don't know. That aside, after removing these files/programs/etc multiple times with several malware/adware software, they don't get picked up anymore. However every time I'm on google, searching something, when I click anywhere on the search results page, a new tab opens up from a random site. Sometimes clearly following what I'm googling. Googled a toy/series for my younger sibling and a new tab opened to a toy webshop.
  2. I've been having some issues when using google (and this as far as I've been able to tell only in Chrome). When I google search something and then want to click anywhere on the page, whether that be a result, switching to images, etc it goes into another tab which results in various things. Mostly websites from stores. I've looked around, I've reset google several times, used several "cleaners" to get rid of the files and programs that might be causing it (mainly adwcleaner) but it keeps coming back. There's nothing shown within my programs (in control panel) that is related to these issues. As far as I can tell I haven't really added anything new in quite some time and it just started popping up a few days ago. PUP.optionals in question are: babylon, conduit, legacy, sweetpage, trovigo. They don't seem to harmful, they're just annoying, constantly redirecting me to random sites.
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