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  1. I'm not sure how to do that, i.e. finding that directory(?!)....I was barely able to find this page again!!! (Do I get notified in an email, or do I need to keep this page open somewhere, to look for a response?) Please forward directions for both of the above (sharing the entire contents of the C:\AdwCleaner\ directory by compressing into zip archive, as well as how to know when I've gotten a response from you guys). Note...I KNOW that, somewhere else, I added a little info on the topic: at the end - after I finally do get AdwCleaner to run - it says something about having 33 items (of pre-einstalled stuff)...when I actually only see 11 items. 10-Q FACE PS: I attached something that was called a "debug" file...it was the last item in a list I came across when I inputted "AdwCleaner" in a file search ; also, a video from 10/27 which shows what I go thru on a daily basis - (I have NO IDEA how I figured out ow to finally do the last thing I mentioned above; PLEASE help...) - and thanx again. AdwCleaner_Debug.log AdwCleaner Malfunction Video 2...10-27-19.zip
  2. At the end of each scan, I get the message "Preinstalled software elements found: 33"...yet I always only see 11 items listed...
  3. Hi, I open AdwCleaner, and quite often (sometimes, several times in a row) - before I can even click on "SCAN" - it disappears; have to continually reopen until I can get it to engage...
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