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  1. Thank you Maurice for all the explanations and warnings. Ad [1]: So far I have not had a repeat of this browser locker yet. Ad [2]: especially useful for those instances when more than just the back button is blocked (as I have experienced before) Ad [3]: Thanks for the link; lots of useful info I was not aware of all of it yet. But there I see a problem for me: except in very serious cases I never want to clear History. I want to PRUNE History of all 'the bad actors', any malware pages that are in there. And it just does not do (in Firefox) to 'Select All Tabs' and then to 'Bookmark All Tabs' beforehand, in order to retain the tabs, as the history per tab is not saved, just the current page. And in History on the Bookmark Tool Bar the pages are retained sequentially and not grouped by Tab. I would want to snip the blocking- or malware site from the individual tab history so that if I go back it is as if the removed site has never been there. My experience with apps that retained the full history per tab was rather negative; rather unwieldy and time consuming. Ad [4]: I have installed the Malwarebytes Firefox Browser Guard. I hope for a positive experience. Additionally, I would like to download and save your post as it was rather mangled by my email client; is there a way to retain it offline just as it looks online? I was not able to do it in FF or in IE. Otto
  2. Last week several times, a website 'muscled' another website out of the way. I use Windows 10 and FF 69.02. This popup website that replaced the website I was watching, blocked the back button. It advertises itself as being from my provider. Its address changes every time it appears when it replaces the site I went to. A popup ad then announces I won a price. The website is not connected to any particular website it replaces but appears randomly, which is new to me. I cannot block this website by using its name as it changes every time it appears. Yet I want to take measures so it doesn't appear again. I want to know how to block this class of blocking 'popup' annoyance/malware sites.
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