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  1. New Component package installed and all real-time protections switched on. Will monitor and report back in a few days time. Thanks for the swift esponse
  2. As requested, please find attached the Support Tool logs. NOTE THAT THESE LOGS WERE GENERATED WHILST OUTLOOK 2016 WAS WORKING NORMALLY. In an effort to localise the problem and determine which shield/shields is causing the problem, I am currently running with the Ransomware shield switched off. When the problem reoccurs, I will rerun the logs and upload the results mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Good Morning W10 Home (Fully Patched), MS Office Pro Plus 2016, Malwarebytes (Premium) v3.8.3.2965 (Component Pkg v1.0.627, Update Pkg v1.0.12785, no exclusions), BitdefenderFree Prior to installing v3.8.3, the above config was stable for at least 16 months. During this time, Malwarebytes and BitdefenderFree coexisted fine, with no system problems and Malwarebytes went through at least one update. However, as soon as Malwarebytes updated to v3.8.3, an intermittent Outlook 2016 problem manifested. Basically, every few days, the Outlook 2016 Send/Receive process will hang partway through the Send process and doesn’t recover. Cancelling the Send/Receive doesn’t ‘reset’ the Send/Receive process and the only way. to recover Send/Receive functionality is to reboot. During reboot, Outlook 2016 needs to be force-terminated from the shutdown screen and, after reboot, it spontaneously restarts (normally, it needs to be manually started) and, at that point, Send/Receive works correctly (until the next intermittent occurrence of the problem). As I said above, the problem only occurs intermittently every few days and I can’t force it to occur. Disabling the self-protection module doesn’t resolve the problem but disabling all real-time protection does seem to solve the issue – I’m currently playing with switching off various of the real-time protection options to try and localise which shield is causing the problem. This problem only occurred with v3.8.3 and, prior to that, the Malwarebytes/Bitdefender combo worked well, with no issues. Switching off Real-Time protection seems to fix the problem but, if I have to do that, there doesn’t seem any real point in using Premium rather than simply sticking to regular scans with the free product! I like Malwarebytes 3 so a solution to the v3.8.3 problem would be much appreciated so I can carry on using it
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