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  1. i just give-up after almost a decade using Malwarebytes without a single problem, magically after i create a account that the programs asks in the next update after pay ~50 bucks for the two lifetime keys the malwarebytes just give me a big middle finger,deactivate one of my keys and on top of that call me a thief, because apparently somehow stole a key from myself i regret giving a penny to this company and regret even more from recommended her to my friends, i will inform then to sell/transfer this lifetime if they bought then because any time they can be asked for a recipe from 10 year ago, if they did not have they will just cancel the key and call you a thief. congrats malwarebytes you stole my money, did not honour the agreement and on top of that treat me like a thief. congrats!
  2. they finally answered the ticked, and basically they want a prof that that i bought the keys, after almost a decade they disable my key without a reason, key that was never shared, never utilizes more than one pc for key. and now they want a recipe from a dead person(my father bought for me as a gift), funny because i remember that the life-time was a special bought to help the company grow and now they just stab the back of the people how helped them.
  3. I open the ticket: 2727093 yesterday, no reply until the present moment.
  4. i have two lifetime malware bites keys, one in this computer and another in my notebook the key from notebook just vanished from my account and when i try input the key again the site returns "this key is already registered" i even try input the id and key from this current PC... maybe i mistake one for another .... but i get the same error with this key too "already registered" malware-bytes just stole one of my keys? is like they consider the 2 keys that i have as 1 someone can help me?
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