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  1. From Automatic translation The 04/11/2020 I received your response and have tried installing the new version that I downloaded. I saw that there were many caveats before installation: First, the program detected the presence of Kaspersky Internet Security. He asked me if I really wanted to install Malwarebyte. Does Malwarebyte not cover more shares than Kaspersky and does that duplicate? Second Since I answered yes, I saw that there were a number of precautions to take, not just shutting down Kaspersky while the installation was in progress. I am not sure I can cont
  2. Hi, I have an error message which come back constantly on my computer since today saying that the update of the datas is impossible. SDKDatabaseLoadDefaults failed with code 1812 Internet is runing nicely. It can't be the problem. Everything was previously OK except the fact that it was supposed to update automaticaly but It was regularly asking me the autorisation to update. I had to reply YES three times always. I realized that it was impossible to check the computer with the program but it sayed constantly that everything was OK. I attached the screen image.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to get rid of PUP.OPTIONAL.DREGOL permanently? Detected on Chrome during all MB scans. Quarantine, deletion and still present but stopped by MB premium. Nothing appears for Edge or Firefox ... Thank you
  4. Hi Nasdaq, The reinstall of Kaspersky was done with no problem. Both Malwarebyte Premium and K.I.S. seem to work properly. Thank you again for your help !
  5. Hi, I reinstalled Malwarebytes Premium and gave my keys codes and ID. I used it twice. It seems to work properly. No blue screen crash! I will wait a little to be sure that it is definitively OK as theses crashes happened not all the time. But ... THANK YOU ! May I ask you a question? As I explained, when this happened I thought it was because of a virus and I asked Kaspersky to help me. They told me to remove the old version of KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) and reinstall the last one, which was impossible for me as it was impossible to reach the net ... If I do th
  6. Hi Nasdaq, Everything was done. I attach the file. I Don't know if any problem is still remaining except the fact that it was impossible for me to reinstall any version of Malwarebytes. And, as I explained, the use of it, in the time I had it, was followed by several blue screen crash. So can I now try to reinstall Malwarebytes Premium and see if it works ? Thank you again Fixlog.txt
  7. Hi, I was asked by Exile360 to open a new Topic for the problem that I had exposed at length in detail on the first Topic: Its name: "A malware prevented me from going on the internet (chrome and edge)" So I kept the same tags for this topic, I used the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. I send you the results: 2 files But as I said in my first post I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium that I had, and therefore I can not send you a result of its action. Do I have to watch only this new topic? AND should the first one be closed? Thanks again for your help FRST.txt Addition.
  8. Hi Firefox, Thank you for your quick reply. I used the Malwarebytes Support Tool and here is the file which was produced. I wait for your next instructions. Thanks again mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hi, Sorry I am French speaking. I wrote my explanations in French and asked Google for an automatic translation which follows ... (French text at the end if needed) I am forced to write to you because I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium on my computer and for which I have a license which is renewed every year. Number XXXXX My computer is a Windows 10 64bit desktop update 1903 How did this happen? 1 Brutally about three weeks ago I could no longer connect to the internet via Chrome or Edge. It was stated that the proxy address was erratic. But
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