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  1. Hello folks, can I ask whether this has been whitelisted as yet, or whether you have found an issue ? Many thanks, Wayne
  2. Thanks for your input Porthos. I appreciate you taking the time. As things stand I have no plans to run it yet.
  3. OK, so it is now November, but in a Custom scan of my Windows C drive, this is still being reported as Generic.Malware/Suspicious
  4. I downloaded Coral's Poker Client 'PokerSetup.exe' from 'https://gaming.coral.co.uk/poker' today. This file was quarantined on a Generic.Malware/Suspicious label. I have zipped it up and have sent the associated report. The url and downloaded file was considered safe courtesy of Kaspersky; so I thought I would bring it to your attention. regards, Wayne PokerSetup.zip coralmal.txt
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