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  1. Thank you for that detailed explanation. I knew it wasn't very popular back when it was released and there were not many compatible 64 bit programs at that time. It's too bad too for later computers whose chipset and processor could support more than 3GB of RAM. XP64 is amazing on a quad-core system with 16GB of RAM. Just not too safe on the 'outside' world. Thanks for all of your help folks. I'll will continue using MWB on my other Win7 and 10 systems.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll try something else. Might be a challenge to find anything for XP Pro64 any more.
  3. I don't know if it matters, but this is XP Pro64 that I'm attempting to get this to run on.
  4. Unable to start. Unable to connect the service. A small box pops up when I try to start MWB with the above message. It did however install this time to the D: drive using either of those links for the .exe. Now though, it just won't start. Thank you for your fast help though. I didn't expect such a quick reply to my problem.
  5. I have Windows XP64 installed on a separate physical drive in my Lenovo T520 along with Win 7 Pro on the C: drive in a dual-boot configuration.I am trying to install Malwarebytes on the XP OS for at least some virus and malware protection.The .exe is in the Downloads folder, but when called up I get a "Runtime Error (at 83:120): Could not call proc."Malwarebytes has a work-around for this, but apparently doesn't work for XP64.The procedure is to open an Admin command prompt and type in:set TEMP=C:\Windows\tempset TMP=C:\Windows\tmpcd "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads"I changed the drive letter to D obviously, but I receive a message that the "file path cannot be found" upon entry of the third line of the command line instructions.Malwarebytes needs a %temp% folder for the installation, but after a search, this folder does not exist. There is a TEMP folder in Windows, but this isn't apparently where the system checks for this folder.I have started in the correct directory and the command line looks like this before starting the instructions:D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32>Is this a simple matter of creating this temp folder in the correct location and trying again? If so, where do I create it, and is it named just "temp" or does it use the % symbol in front of and behind the name. I am not a command line-DOS guru and have not used this much. Especially since Win98.I'd appreciate any direction or help with this.
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